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We are currently looking for musicians to become “Players” at  Heard In Unity..

Heard In Unity

Welcome !   to our unique service where you select the music and the musician for a concert in your own home

So if you  :-

Dislike the formal, large concert hall experience , surrounded by irksome strangers

Want to hear live music in the comfort of your own home, or  in a cosy, intimate venue

Fear large gatherings and the risk of contracting dread diseases like COVID

Enjoy  most of life’s pleasures from the comfort of your sofa

Love the idea of listening to live music with only  your friends for company

then Heard In Unity  is for you.   

Here you can order your own concert to be performed in your home to just you and your friends.

And  if you can’t host a concert in your own home - don’t worry, many of our musicians have arrangements with local venues which can offer the same warmth and intimacy of your own home setting