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We are currently looking for musicians to become “Players” at  Heard In Unity..

Heard In Unity

Select  a player.

View your selected player’s “Menus” which show-case their repertoire.

Listen to those “dishes” that particularly appeal to you. Each dish has a price and duration

Tot up the cost and running time of your chosen dishes

Finally contact the player with your “order” to agree terms and a concert date

Of course, unlike a dining experience,  every item on the menu is shared with you and your friends - so the bigger the audience, the smaller the cost per head!

If you’re looking for “background” music at an event like a wedding,  then Heard In Unity  is probably not for you : Our players want your full attention on the wonderful music they perform.

And unlike a normal concert, you are free to stage the performance as you want, interspersing playing  with  rounds of drinks,  snacks or conversation with the performer.

Become a player....

Become a host....