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We are currently looking for musicians to become “Players” at  Heard In Unity..

Heard In Unity

If you would like to advertise yourself on this site, then contact  Heard In Unity  and we will send you a copy of our standard agreement.

On signing up to the standard agreement you will need to pay a one-off set up fee and a standard rate annual membership  fee in order to show-case your talent here,.

Other than that, there are no other charges and you are free to deal with the customers you attract through this site on your own terms.

The one-off set up fee covers the cost of presenting you and your repertoire in the style of “menus of dishes” as presented for other players on this site. The cost of the fee depends on how many pages of menus and total number of dishes you want to present here.

Please note we cannot host  your video or sound files on our site, so all the items in your repertoire will be referenced by links to pre-existing video or sound files in YouTube etc.

For a limited time, we are offering free setup for the first 5 musicians who join Heard in Unity as players.

Also, the first  10 musicians to sign up with us will have a year’s free membership